Lors de ce concert singulier proposé par le saxophoniste virtuose Lars Møller, faites connaissance avec une interprétation contemporaine d’une tradition philosophique et spirituelle millénaire contribuant à créer une espace propice à la réflexion et la contemplation pour illuminer le quotidien. Les râgas mélodieux pénètrent corps et âme grâce à la résonance du saxophone avec la respiration et les centres énergétiques du corps.
Apportez un tapis de yoga, nous proposons un thé vert pour accompagner ce moment de pur détente.
Le mardi 6 septembre à 20.00
Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles

About RagaMeditation


The Indian Raga

A musical meditation with Lars Møller, saxophone

The traditional music of Indian has absorption and meditation in its DNA.

By opening the door to the beaty and emotions of the melodic colors of Indian music, you are also opening a door to a meditative experience.


Lars Møller is one of Europe’s leading saxophone-players, and besides his international career as a jazz-musician, he has for many years studied the traditional classical music-tradition of India.


At “RagaMeditation” he will perform a diverse palette of fantastic ragas, and he will explain about the background of the ragas, their structure and the arch-typical emotions, that are embedded in them. Besides explaining what the musical essense, he will also gently guide to the listener into the meditative metal states, that the music is created for.


As a listener you can expect instructions to simple meditative techniques and a gentle massage of body and mind through the sublime beaty of Indian meditative music.


Here is a link to Raga Shree performed at Ribe Cathedral, one of the oldest Churches in Denmark.



About Lars Møller:

From Beijing to Blue Note in N.Y., Lars has for more than 35 years performed internationally with some of the best musicians and orchestras of the world. He has received accolades and prizes including numerous Grammys/Danish Music Awards and nominations. Indian music has been a driving force in his globally oriented artistic works for small groups and larger orchestras


For several year’s meditation has been part of the daily life of Lars Møller, and he regularly spends time on retreats. With “RagaMeditation” he combines and shares his love for Indian music and meditation.