Contact details for the Committee in Denmark, The Danish Studenthouse-
and the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris.

The Danish Studenthouse in Paris


Fondation Danoise
7 H, Boulevard Jourdan
F-75014 PARIS
Telefon: +33 1 40 78 12 00

Catherine Lefebvre
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 78 12 52
Mobile: +33 (0)6 77 34 83 21

Marianne Bak Papiau
deputy manager
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 78 12 50
Mobile: +33 (0)6 75 87 90 45

Jacques Heilmann
Tlf. +33 (0)1 40 78 12 00

Fondation Danoise
Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (C.I.U.P.)
7 H Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris

The Committee Copenhagen

Linda Sønder 

Foundation of the Danish Student House in Paris
Kampmannsgade 1, 6th
1604 Copenhagen V.

Phone direct: (+45) 33 73 43 30
Phone: (+45) 33 14 56 00
Fax: (+45) 33 93 90 30


Cité Internationale Universitaire i Paris

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (C.I.U.P)
19 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)1 44 16 64 00

Frequently asked questions


Where is CIUP ?
The Cité is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The nearest station is called Cité Universitaire and is on the RER line B which will take you both to the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle, to the centre of Paris, Saint Michel, and Chatelet les Halles in a short space of time. Cité Universitaire is also a stop on the tram line T3. If you arrive to the airport of Orly there is an airport bus, the Orlybus, which stops practically at the doorstep of the House. Just get off at Montsouris – Tombe Issoire, which is the first stop in Paris and then it’s only a ten minute walk to the Student House. Are you on the other hand going to the airport you will get on the Orlybus at Stade Charletty, which is even closer to the Student House.


How do I get to Fondation Danoise?

If you arrive by RER at the Cité Universitaire you just have to cross the Boulevard Jourdan and you are then entering the Cité Universitaire Park where you will turn left down the road. Fondation Danoise is at the end of the road next to a small roundabout and the Japanese, Swiss, and Swedish house.

If you arrive by Orlybus from the Orly airport you’ll get off at the Montsouris – Tombe Issoire, which is the first stop after entering Paris. After getting off it’s only a ten minute walk to the Danish Student House. You just head down Boulevard Jourdan and walk through the gate at number 7, then you are inside the Cité. Walk down the second road to your left and the Danish House will be at the end of the road next to a small roundabout and the Japanese, Swiss, and Swedish house.

If you arrive in a taxi then ask the driver to enter the at the end of the road next to a small roundabout and the Japanese, Swiss, and Swedish house. At gate 27 Boulevard Jourdan. The guard can show where in the park the driver will find the house.

If you arrive by private car then please send an email to before you arrive, listing your license plate and information on car make. The guard will then be able to check that an approval for entering the premises has been sent out. He will also be able to show you where in the park you will find the Danish House.

The car will have to be parked outside the Cité once you have unloaded the luggage. There are parking facilities under Stade Charlety,

Is it possible to park at the Student House?

The residents and their guests cannot park in the area. It is allowed to enter at 27 Boulevard Jourdan to unload your luggage. Please send an email to before you arrive, listing your license plate and information on car make to get an approval for entering the premises.
There are parking facilities under Stade Charlety,

When is the office open?
The office is open Monday to Friday from 10-17.

My flight will arrive late. Can I enter the House?
It is best to arrive during the office opening hours. If this is not possible then let us know in advance and we will find a solution to handing over the key.


When will I get a reply?
All applications for the Autumn semester will be processed after the deadline of May 15th. You will receive a reply via email after the committee have had their selection meeting.

Can I send through mandatory documents passed deadline?
Yes, please send them to Linda Sønder with Marianne Bak Papiau in cc.

Did you receive my deposit?
You will receive a receipt via email as soon as your deposit has been registered in our system. It can take up to a couple a weeks from making the transfer.

What do I do if I am delayed?
Please notify Klaus Ib Jørgensen with Marianne Bak Papiau in cc.

Can you choose yourself which house you’re exchanged to?
We will try to accommodate any wishes the students may have in terms of getting an exchange with a specific house.

What should I bring?
The rooms at Fondation Danoise, as well as the rest of the houses in the Cité, are furnished and bedding will be handed out upon arrival. If you want a duvet please bring your own as well as towels has to be brought individually. The communal kitchen is fully equipped. In case of exchange we recommend that you contact the house you are going to live in to ask for information.

Can I opt out from the exchange programme?
Exchange between the houses is one of the founding principles of the Cité and it is not possible to opt out. However, it is our experience that those who are exchanged to another house really enjoy the experience.


When do I apply for a summer stay?
Fill in the form for short stays elsewhere on this website and send it through as quickly as possible, after March 1st at the earliest. You will get a quick response and be asked to confirm the reservation by paying a deposit of 80 EURO. It is not possible to get a refund in case of cancellation.

Why s the price higher during the summer period?
We are trying to keep the prices as low as possible during the university year. This is possible due to higher summer prices.


Can you get a short stay all year round?
If you are visiting one of the residents or have an errand in Paris for a couple of days, then please contact us to enquire about the availability of the guest rooms. On rare occasions the normal rooms can also be available to rent on a monthly basis. Please fill in the form for short stays. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Would it be an idea to bring your own bicycle?
The House has a designated cycle parking which is locked and you can park your bike there. However, Paris has a very good public cycle scheme, which can save you the hassle of having to take your own bike.

Is there WiFi in the entire house?
Yes. Passwords will be handed out upon arrival.

Is there showers in the room?
Yes, all the rooms have their own shower and toilet, except the 3 guest rooms, which are sharing a bathroom on the 3rd floor.

Is it possible to print and make copies?
Yes, downstairs there is an Internet Café, printer and a copymachine with a scanner. Printing cards can be bought from the office.

Should you bring your own duvet?
Not necessarily. The rooms are fitted with blankets and sheets, which is the done thing in France.

Is the kitchen fully equipped?
Yes, you will find more or less everything that you could possibly need of normal kitchen utensils.

Will the rooms be cleaned?
Yes, the rooms are cleaned once a week. The residents are notified in advance and will make sure the room is tidy so the staff can get around.

When can I have clean blankets and sheets?
You will be given clean blankets and bed linen every two weeks on Wednesdays. You will bring the dirty to the linen room downstairs and will be given a clean set. If you leave the house before 8am, you can put a bag with your room number and you will then find the same bag later with clean sheets when you return.

When do I pay rent?
The rent is paid in advance every month before the 10th.

What payment options do I have in terms of rent?
You can pay by credit card at the office or over the phone, or you can make a bank transfer.

Can I bring my own furniture?

How are the rooms decorated?
There is an entrance with cupboards and a coat rack. From the room you have access to a bathroom witg shower, toilet, and sink. The room is furnished with a desk and chair, an armchair, sofa table, bedside table, a sofabed (1 or 2 people), floor lamp, table lamp and a desk lamp.

Is the house suited for disabled?
Yes, the house has three rooms suitable for diabled.

Is there a lift?
Yes the lift of the house will be going between basement and 3rd floor (from April 1st 2016).


Can you choose which house to be exchanged to?
We will try to accomoodate the wishes of the residents in terms of specific houses for the exchange programme.

Are the prices the same in the entire Cité?
The prices will vary a bit from house to house. When you have received notification about the exchange you can contact the house in question and get information about prices, house rules and so on. Upon arrival you can contact the office of the Student House to get a refund of your deposit, which is to be paid in advance as confirmation of the stay, and then make a new payment in the house to which you have been exchanged.

Can I use the facilities of the House when I am exchanged?
Yes, you are always welcome.

Is it a problem that I am not fluent in French?
No, more or less everyone who lives in the Cité speaks very good English so you will not have any problems communicating, but obviously French is the most important language. An exchange can only improve your French.


Can I have visitors during my stay?
Yes, either in your room or in one of the guest rooms. Do always inform the office in advance of your visitor. The cost is 13 EURO a night in your own room. Bed linen will be handed out.


How much notice do I need to give before vacating the room?
As a rule of thumb it is expected that you will stay until the end of your semester. Should the unexpected happen and you will have to depart prematurely there will be one months notice period, always running from the firstcoming 1st of the month. You will be required to pay a full months rent, even if leaving in the middle of the month.


When will I get deposit for room and key back?
Upon departure, unless you have caused damage to the House or its interior.


Can you redirect my post?
Yes, if you leave stamped envelopes for the purpose. You can also make an agreemnet with the local post office to have your mail redirected.


Can I keep my room over the summer?
Yes, in certain situations. Ask the office about the possibilities of keeping the room.


Which mobile service providers are recommended?
Most providers have interesting offers without a permanent contract. For example check out B and You or Free

Can I obtain French housing benefits?
Yes in principle, but you will have to be prepared that the application process is longwinded and difficult. You are required to have your birth certificate translated into French, have a French bank account, and lots of patience. The House can recommend an authorised translater. The Cité will open a service office this autumn, where you can get help with your application.

Is it free to go to the doctor?
No, a normal consultation will cost you 23 EURO. We recommend that you buy a travel insurance that covers all costs in connection with sickness and sick transport.