Who are we?

Since 1932 the Danish Student House has been a safe and affordable base for Danish students and researchers in Paris. Throughout the years thousands of young Danes have lived in the house that offers a unique combination of Danish atmosphere and cosmopolitan diversity. Many residents of the house have later in life left their mark on the political scene, the arts, in science or business life.


A mix of private and public funds originally funded the Danish Student House in Paris. In 1928 a group of visionary personalities formed the Committee for the Danish Student House in Paris with the goal of raising funds for the construction of a Danish student house in the international academic city of Paris.

In spite of the difficult financial situation of the time, they succeeded in getting the Government to contribute with 200.000 Danish kroner, on the condition that they could raise the same amount through private connections. The project became a matter of the people and they managed to raise double that amount, as much as 435.000 Danish kroner. In 1928 they laid the foundation of the building and the House was inaugurated by then Crown Prince Frederik in the presence of French President Paul Doumer in 1932.

The architect
The architect of the house, Professor and Royal Building Inspector Kaj Gottlob (1887-1976), was one of the most well respected in Denmark at the time. Some of his achievements include St. Luke’s Church in Aarhus, the bacule bridge Knippelsbro in Copenhagen, the School by the Strait and a handful of buildings for the University of Copenhagen. On top of this he was also a skilled furniture and silverware designer. In his younger years Gottleb was inspired by classicism and the house draws links to both classical architecture as well as the Nordic functionalism of the interwar peiod. Sober, rigorous, and friendly at the same time. The rooms are large and comfortable, the halls are bright and wide, and the large communal terrace with it’s pergola forms a nice backdrop for the social life of the house from early spring to late autumn.


  • Klaus Ib Jørgensen
  • Marianne Bak Papiau
    Assistant manager
  • Celeste Matos og Ala Seuta
    Service staff


A Resident Committee, made up of at least five residents, who will represent the interest of the residents, is elected every year in October. Together with the Director they are responsible for planning the social life of the house and will arrange outings, parties, concerts and so on. The Resident Committee is also representing the Danish House in the larger Resident Committee for the entire Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.


The Danish Student House is acknowledget as a non-profit institution with a so-called FRUP status, Fondation Réconnue dÚtilité Publique. The board is made up of members respectively chosen by The Danish Committee in Copenhagen, The Ministry for Research and Science, The University of Paris as well as Cité Universitaire.


The Danish Fund Board København
The Danish Student House in Paris is administered by the Student House’s Danish Fund in Copenhagen. It is not possible to apply for the funds of the foundation.

Bestyrelsen for Fondation Danoise i Frankrig

(fondation reconnue d’utilité publique / almennyttig institution)

  • Chairman Michael Starbæk Christensen, ambassador
  • Vice Chairman Mette Skov, lawyer
  • Gilles Pécout, Rector of the University of Paris
  • Jean-Marc Sauvé, Chairman for Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
  • Laurence Marion, General Delegate for Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
  • Jørn Boisen, Head of department of English, Germanic and Romanesque at Copenhagen University
  • Sylvain Briens, Professor
  • Søren Berg, Cashier
  • Michael Metz Mørch, Secretary General of the Danish Cultural Institute
  • Yann Schÿler, consul du Danemark à Bordeaux
  • Peer Bundgaard, associate professor University of Aarhus
  • Chairman for Resident Committee

Bestyrelsen for Fonden for Det Danske Studenterhus i Paris

  • Formand Mette Skov, advokat
  • Lally Hoffmann, journalist
  • Per Thornit
  • Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, rektor
  • Jørn Boisen, institutleder
  • Kirsten Malling Biering, ambassadør

Medlemmer af Komitéen for Det Danske Studenterhus

  • Mette Skov, formand
  • Irène Baron, lektor CBS
  • Jørn Boisen, lektor KU
  • Henrik Brendstrup, professor ved Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium
  • Henrik B. Andersen, professor ved Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi
  • Henning Møller, civiløkonom

Medlemmer af Komitéen for Det Danske Studenterhus

  • Mette Skov, formand
  • Irène Baron, lektor CBS
  • Jørn Boisen, lektor KU
  • Henrik Brendstrup, professor ved Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium
  • Henrik B. Andersen, professor ved Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi
  • Henning Møller, civiløkonom


From the beginning the Danish Student House has been benefitting from the support of the Royal Family. Then Crown Prince, later King, Frederik was the protector of the house for many years. In 1972 H.M. Queen Margrethe took over from her father and since 2014 the protectorate has been in the care of Princess Marie.


Every year the Danish Student House receive a grant from the Ministry of Research and Science to help run the house. Throughout the years the House has also been relying on the support from a list of foundations and privat contributors in connection with refurbishment projects as well as larger maintenance works.

The renovation during 2014-2015 was possible through the support of:

  • P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller’s Foundation
  • Knud Højgaard’s Foundation
  • Augustinus’ Foundation
  • Konsul George Jorck and wife Emma Jorck’s Foundation
  • ANT Foundation
  • Nicolai and Felix’s Foundation
  • Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s Foundation

Our sincere thanks go out to all for their support.

The Danish House is grateful for the many donations from private foundations and individuals, who through the years have made it possible to maintain and develop the House benefitting the residents.

Donations to the house have a tax break. All contributions, large and small, is received with gratitude.

If you wish to support the House then please contact Director Klaus Ib Jørgensen.